Living Foods I

Become a living foods chef

Welcome to the world of Crudessence’s Living Foods! Discover the science, philosophy, recipes, tricks and tips in a highly sustaining one-day intensive workshop. Wake up the potential chef in you! Leave this day with all you need to reinvent your kitchen and make a passion of eating well.

Food and nutrition education is primordial, as we learn to care for ourselves. Crudessence teaches you the art of feeding on life, to nourish your body and spirit.

Intensive all-day course, from 10am - 5pm

Includes detailed course notes, recipes, resources and sample tasting.
Show up with an empty stomach!

  • The science of green: biological machanisms of health
  • Living foods methods: soaking, sprouting, fermentation and dehydration
  • Culinary arts: pleasure, tastes, textures, expression and creativity
  • Subtle aspects: the hidden power of food

Recipes and tasting:

- Green juices and wheat grass
- Green smoothies
- Nut milks and chocolate milk
- Sprouted seed pâtés
- Macadamia ricotta
- Tomato sauce
- Spaghetti
- Rice-free vegan sushi
- Fermented cashew cheese
- Konbucha
- Three-layer cake
- ... and much more!

No prerequisite necessary.

Duration : 7 hours Max : 20 participants Tuition: $160 Language: English

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