The Quintessential Soft Drink...


Kombucha is considered to be a raw beverage because of its richness in enzymes and probiotic elements that were not destroyed through pasteurization.

Kombucha is a delicious, sparkling and energizing beverage that is made by fermenting tea and sugar, all with the help of microorganisms.

Known as the Elixer of Life in imperial China, this miracle tonic became popular not only in Russia, but also in Japan, where it was traditionally prepared with “Kombu” seaweed. The Japanese name Kombucha translates as “Kombu tea”.

Modern society is now rediscovering this surprising “Raw Pop-Drink”, like an echo of ancient wisdom carrying a message of life.

Although the medicinal properties of kombucha tea have been studied for more than 100 years, conventional medicine has only just started becoming interested in it... with some convincing results.

Drink Kombucha and take charge of your own health!

A medicine for the people and by the people

Since the very beginning, kombucha has been passed on from family to family. It is easy to grow at home because it continuously multiplies and offers abundance to those who know how to care for it.

For the recipe, click here: My Very Own Mushroom.

Kombucha beverage is packed with the most essential element... The essence of life!

Living creatures drinking the nectar of the gods...

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Looking for a mushroom?

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Crudessence’s Kombucha contains only organic ingredients of the highest quality and filtered, stabilized water, all of which is infused with thoughtful passion and love!